Dentu-Temps has been a premier dental staffing service since 1980, working to address the various demands of the dental profession. Our goal is to find you qualified employees with a strong dental background to help you build an outstanding team!

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Dental Temp Agency in Santa Clara County, CA

Dental Temp Jobs Santa Clara County CA

Founded in 1980, Dentu-Temps has built an outstanding reputation for dental staffing services based on 36-plus years of integrity in our long-standing relationship with the dental field. At the time of our founding, we recognized that there was a need for a specialized dental staffing service to address the demands of the dental profession. We have worked diligently since then to identify prime candidates for dental temp jobs in Santa Clara County, CA, and to get them into the correct positions. Our goal is always to find good fits for dental offices and temporary employees alike.

As a full-service dental staffing firm, we provide full-time placement, short- or long-term temporary staffing and same-day or last-minute placements! Because we exclusively serve the dental profession, we understand how significant an impact having a qualified dental professional can have on an organization. Our goal is always to find you the most qualified, hardest working employees for your practice, and we’re able to fill positions for dental assistants, dental hygienists and front desk staff. When you’re experiencing a staffing shortage or find yourself in need of an unexpected replacement for a departing employee, here are just a few reasons to consider working with our Dental Temp Agency in Santa Clara County, CA:

  • We are able to provide you with employees for whatever length of time you need them.
  • We work with practices all over Santa Clara County.
  • We have more than 36 years of experience in finding the perfect employees for dental practices.
  • We are able to provide same-day temps for emergency situations.
  • We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service.


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